Introducing FMMF 2014

“Fashion Meets Music Festival,” the nation’s largest and most provocative music and fashion event, fusing two complementary art forms as one entertainment platform. FMMF is the first collaborative fusion festival to solely incorporate music with music inspired fashion brands. Intimate. Inspired. Authentic. FMMF celebrates both art forms, while fostering a lifestyle of self-expression.

August 29-31, 2014

500 performances, 250 Artists, 72 hours, 1 place. Aspiring the world’s stage. Born in the Midwest. Unboxed in Columbus, Ohio, Labor Day Weekend, 2014. August 29-31, 2014

Music Show Meets Fashion Showcase

Imagine the success of a music festival collaborating with music inspired fashion brands. We did, its called FMMF.

Imagine a runway on Nationwide Blvd with your favorite band starting to play. Then a beautiful model appears and starts her walk down the runway in your favorite designers clothes. This is what you will see and hear on our two runways. One located in our expo where you can not only see your favorite designs, but shop for them as well.

Our expo with over 300 booths is located at the convention center and will feature meet and greet opportunities with our designers and artist. Open from 11-6 daily we will also feature artist and designer seminars to learn how they achieved their success. Our beautiful performance runway located at Nationwide and High will showcase national designers rocking the runway to a national band. This will kick off each night from 6-11pm.

This is the one event you will not want to be “fashionably late” for.

What We Believe In

Some of us want more than false intimacies and game playing gossip. We know there is nothing more cherished than personal interaction. A droplet of sweat, the beautiful sound of feedback, a well-stroked strum leaving a thumbprint of Rock ‘n Roll. This is the best we can get.

Fashion to fury. Lipstick and a runway, Vera, Vogue & Varvatos, style so elegant it’s pure again. Symmetry, silk and lines of simplicity. This is the best we can get.

Until now.

Introducing the Fashion Meets Music Festival, Columbus 2014. Aspiring the World’s stage, but born in the Midwest, we bring together music & fashion from places of passion, purpose, and personality. Experience the nation’s largest and most provocative music and fashion festival. A fusion of celebration where fashinates and musicologists mix design, style, song, and soul for three continuous days.

We give musicians and designers an expanded influential foundation through live festival collaboration. Intimate. Inspired. Authentic.

Where We Come From

One of the largest retail fashion’s industry giants had their beginnings in Columbus, Ohio: Federated Department Stores in 1851 as S. Lazarus. Lazarus Department Store dominated the greater Columbus landscape downtown for decades. Having a major impact on the national fashion retail industry, as well as the city of Columbus. By 2005, Federated Department Stores acquired May Department Stores. In 2007 they re-branded to Macy’s Inc.

Most significantly though, for Columbus, it was all about the black. Black Friday was strategically authored by Columbus’ very own Fred Lazarus Jr.

In 1941, he convinced FDR that changing the Thanksgiving holiday from the last Thursday to the fourth Thursday in November would be of economic benefit to the nation. Obviously, this one day has produced the largest single economic impact on American culture. The marketing impact of Black Friday came from a little place we call home.

A Retail Renaissance. Pay homage. Go Forward.